Wooden Boat Festival Geelong date 10th - 12th March, 2018

2014 Entrants

Nellie Rose Couta Boat  
Renene Cutter  
Anitra Cutter  
Athena Yacht
Torea Couta Boat  
Zoe Clair 38 ft Comuter  
Bungoona Classic Sloop  
Irene Normandy 28  
Sea Mist Wooden Motor Cruiser
Merlyn Couta Boat
Maud Couta Boat  
Prospector Ocean Crusing Cutter
Sandpiper Launch
Susan Launch
Duco Magic Bling World Diamond  
Storm Bay Fishing Smack  
Lorna-May Sailing Tender
Patternmaker Cutter Yacht  
Snow Goose Tumlarin
Shamrock H28  
Saga Sloop
Diomede Sloop  
Trim Ohlsen 35
 Fancy Couta Boat  
Hand of Friendship Friendship Sloop  
The Ship Foster 10
Dawn Tan Cook Whaler
Windward 11 Classic Cutter  
Sayonara Gaff Rigged Cutter  
Lone Gull Sloop Bilge Keel  
Pootle Pooduck Skiff
Cardinal Puff Swanson Carmen
 Ruby Merle Couta Boat  
Jameson Clinker Rowboat
Alwyn Tasmanian A Classer  
Kiana Gaff Rigged Clintau Dinghy  
Mercedes 11 Sloop
Avian Tumlarin
Vikki Bee StirVen  
Lucienne Yacht
Sarie Heron
Inspiration Sloop
HMC Laura Brahams Cradle Boat  
Carola Yacht
Route 66 Trailable Yacht
Misanthrope Heron
Boambillee Ocean Racer  
Trim Open Clinker Lifeboat  
Martini S & S 30  
Tapura Herreshoff H28
Omen 12′ Cadet Dinghy
Bongo Heron
Rabbit Racing Heron
Benito Maine Cruising Lobster Boat
Heather Belle Briston Channel Pilot Cutter
Katherine Scarlette Ketch
Jennifer Couta Boat
Sanmakay Ketch
Kurana Sloop Rigged Yacht
Feylene Sloop Arthur Robb Design
Elaine Dinghy
Miss Conduct Heron
Baradine Thunderbird
Zephyr Tumlaren
Jolly Roger Catamaran
Oenone Gaff Rigged Cutter
Defiance Couta Boat
Lucy Couta Boat
Lyla 12′ Dinghy
Pandora 12′ Dinghy
Emilou 15′ Clinker Gaff
Ettrick Tumlaren
Splash Heron
Wylo Merlin Classic Sloop
Allure Couta Boat
Anglesea Rowing Skiff
Gladstone Rowing Skiff
Arafura Fishing Boat
Billycart Atkinson 25
Alwyn Yacht
Katherine Motor Launch
Graigie Lea Nepean Launch
Arapala Yacht
8978 Heron
Mooraker Yacht
Trilby Sparkman Stepheus Sloop
Catalyst Thunderbird
Unnamed Fishing Boat
Tom Boy Putt Putt
Cooindah Roberts Spray 33ft Cutter
Comet Express Cruiser  
Twin Spin 1956 Chris Craft 26′ Continental